Beyond a dream

about us

Ariyo Information Technology Company is active, innovative, expert and reliable in the construction industry based on knowledge, innovation, engineering ethics, youthfulness, commitment to preserve and protect the environment and human values, Ariyo Company in the fields of consulting, design, Supplying goods and equipment, installing, implementing and setting up projects, as well as supporting and providing after-sales services to them.

Also, while identifying the needs of daily life and in order to improve the quality and create more security and comfort, this collection has taken a step in the field of production and with the products of its own brand “Ario” it is a pioneer in the production of new technologies such as the Persian-language intelligent voice assistant, smart switches and sockets and … .

Our mission

We believe that projects are more than electronic elements and software, rather they are a symbol of self-confidence and national integration. Where our expertise and knowledge is tied with the trust of our audience and forms a role of cooperation